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Red Fist Productions is the american production company behind the new Batman Web-Series called "Batman: Master of Fear".


IGN caters to more than 68 million monthly users, 9 million subscribers on YouTube and 16 million fans on social networks. Providing Gaming and Entertainment news.


Corridor digital is a well known YouTube channel with more then four million subscribers providing entertaining VFX Videos and services.


One of the fastest growing game developer for mobile on the market with more then 7 titles released and six million users around the globe.

AmmoBox Studios

The studio behind the game "Eximius - Seize the Front Lines" a revolutionary game combining first person shooter and real time strategy in one.


A popular mobile games developer responsible for the popular titles "Forrest Defenders: Panda's Fury" and "Grapple Run" with more then a million worldwide downloads.



Nir Shor's YouTube Channel has accumulated more then a million views featuring Original Soundtrack work, Recorded Performances, Scoring Sessions and Behind the Scenes videos.



Below is a selection of Nir Shor's compositions and scores in various musical styles with live recorded and sampled instruments.





Nir Shor is a Film and Video Game Composer best known for his work on "Batman: Master of Fear" Web-Series and his successful YouTube channel with more then a million world wide views.

Using state of the art VST Sample Libraries in combination with live recorded instruments with one of the most popular music creation software in the industry Nir Shor achieves new levels of realism and quality in digitally produced orchestral and electronic music, his extensive experience and diverse musical background has enabled him to compose in many different genres of music ranging from Medieval to Blues and from Symphonic scores to Dubstep.

Nir is a multi-instrumentalist and plays the Guitar, Piano, Merlin Guitar, Bass and Synth programming amongst others and showcases his ability with these instruments in most of his soundtracks.

Nir Shor is also the author of the "Musical Lore" mods for Bethesdas' games "Fallout" & "Skyrim", Nir managed to extend the soundtrack in the games with full authenticity and quality as the original soundtracks, and with more then 50,000 downloads it remains one of the most popular music mods out there.


© 2016,  NIR SHOR. All rights reserved  

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